No Control

I am so tired. Not just tired, but face-numb tired. I’m paying for my night of debauchery. That’s what happens when Todd’s out of town and Katie’s at a banquet. I get wild. Since it was just me for dinner I got lazy. You know how sometimes you’re hungry, but you don’t want to actually…

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P&P Only Not

Today was Pajamas and Pancake Day at the preschool. My absolute most favoritist day of the entire school year. Seriously. Who doesn’t like to come to work in comfy jammies? And who doesn’t like pancakes? Sadly, so very sadly for me I had to miss it. I kind of had my very own Pajamas and…

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To Sleep or Not To Sleep

A couple of months ago I wrote this hopeful post – Maybe, Just Maybe, listing all the ways a CPAP might make my life better. Well, here’s the thing… I had my original sleep study in July. Holy moly, is all I’m gonna say. Oh, who am I kidding? I have much more to say…

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