Parenting At Its Finest

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a MOPS Mentor Mom. I don’t really know for sure why I’m a “mentor” and tell my young moms I suppose it’s possible they could maybe learn something from my mistakes. Such as… When my children were little I thought this or that would be a great mommy thing to…

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I'm So Lame

You may or may not recall the goal I had set for myself back in January. Not a resolution for the new year. Homie don’t play that. But I did make a goal to write on this blog and my Trippin’ Through The Bible blog at least once a week. I did really well for…

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Not Your Average MOPS

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but two awesomely awesome chicks from my church started a MOPS group a few months ago and I am a mentor mom. I tell the young mothers how NOT to raise their kids. JK! But kind of not. (For those text-illiterate among you, “JK” means just kidding.) We had…

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