Spoons and Forks Only

I’m struggling a little bit with this phase of my life. For twenty years I’ve been a mom. That’s been my thing. And I’m a pretty good one, too. Not perfect. Not great. But pretty good. I mean, my kids have made it to 17 and 20 with a minimum of mental and/or emotional scarring…

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I'm a Fraud

I’m one of those people who are generally pretty good in a crisis. I tend to remain calm while I’m going through it, but as soon as we’re “out of the woods” I break down. When Taylor was 9 months old we couldn’t get him to wake up one Saturday morning. He’d sort of open…

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Reason #7,384 Why I'll Never Be Mother of the Year

I just got back from the 7th grade nurse where I had to drop off paperwork and an Epipen for Katie “just in case”. When Katie was a very young toddler we discovered the hard way she had a peanut allergy. Thankfully she didn’t actually eat the PB&J I had made for her, only played…

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