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The Meaning of "Jenster"

I just did a Google search for “Jenster” and it was fascinating. Jenster’s Musings came up second, but the Urban Dictionary definition was first and this is what it had to say: Jenster Nickname for the coolest Jenny you have ever met in your entire life! If you have met her, these might be a…

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Peanut Butter What??

Hey you guys! You’ll never guess what I had for dinner the other night. You’ll never guess where I had dinner the other night, either. Unless you already know I went to Washington to hang out with my Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, her mom, and my niece and nephew. Then you might be able to guess where…

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Welcome To My Bachelor Pad

I’m not sure when I lost control over my house. Perhaps it was when the hormonal balance within these walls shifted. Considering my own lack of estrogen and the absence of another female in the house on a consistent basis, the testosterone can be almost palpable at times. I know I’m partially to blame. Last…

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