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A Happy June

June has been quite a month. A great month, really. From really close to the very beginning. I think I’ll tell you about it. The first week of the month it became much too apparent that we needed a new washer and dryer. I was running the spin cycle a couple times, sometimes up to…

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No Control

I am so tired. Not just tired, but face-numb tired. I’m paying for my night of debauchery. That’s what happens when Todd’s out of town and Katie’s at a banquet. I get wild. Since it was just me for dinner I got lazy. You know how sometimes you’re hungry, but you don’t want to actually…

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Pre-Clean Pickup

I should be cleaning my house. Picking up the insane clutter that is threatening to overwhelm. It’s particularly bad right now due to several factors. I have too much stuff and I don’t know what to do with it. I want to be organized. I want to be organized really bad. But I’m not. We’ve…

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