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A Jenster Christmas In Review

Another Christmas has come and gone: food prepared and devoured, gifts unwrapped, games played and movies watched. Christmas morning these days is nothing like it was when the kids were little. Yesterday morning Todd and I came downstairs around 7:30 or 8:00. I threw a hash brown casserole together and tossed it in the oven…

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A Follower of Marxism

Marxism seems to have a cycle and it morphs just a little each time it comes back around. If you were a teenager or thereabouts in the 80’s, then you are probably familiar with the particular form of Marxism I want to talk about today. Richard Marxism. I admit that I crushed on him back in the day.…

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Happiest of Birthdays!!

Today is my mom’s birthday! It’s never polite to reveal a lady’s age so I’m not going to tell you it’s her 80th. That would be rude. I will tell you that she doesn’t look/act/move like her age. Then again, I don’t either. But we have reverse appearances. Where she seems much younger than her…

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