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Getting Out Of The Heat

In The Basement

I just read what I think is a great blog post. The kind of post that sums up what I’ve been feeling. The kind of post that I think is worthy of linking to.

This whole Chick-Fil-A debacle has me sore. I have friends on both sides of the debate who feel passionately about their stance. They are more than welcome to their opinions and it doesn’t change how I feel about them. I, however, will not be drawing any lines in the sand.

Dan Cathy has taken a firm stance against gay marriage. So what? That’s his opinion and his right. His opinioin does not concern me. If I were to boycott every business that supports causes I’m against I would have to start growing my own produce and raising sheep so I could spin my own yarn for clothing. And what of businesses who support one cause I loathe and another I love? Maybe it all breaks even in the end.

I can almost hear the groans of disappointment. I’m sorry. Except I’m really not. Just as Dan Cathy has every right to his opinions and, as an American, every right to voice them, I have every right to mine.

So what prompted this post? THIS post. I know not everyone will agree with it, but Jen (not me, the one who wrote this post) pretty much wrote the words in my heart.

And just like the last time I wrote on a hot button topic, comment are welcome, but please be considerate.

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… as in “here’s what’s happening” or “this is what’s going on.” The Urban Dictionary used it in this example: Bob:  Yo Joe:  Yo, what’s poppin’ fresh? Bob:  Not much kid, what’s crackalackin’  But as usual, I digress. A ton has happened since my one sentence post from a week ago. Kids’ Camp was, as usual,…

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Let The Games Begin…

It’s July. The time of year when drinks are cold and asphalt is hot. When clothing appears to be optional and old men wear black socks with their sandals and bermudas. When sweaty people gravitate toward pools, beaches, water parks and the like. And every four years in July we have the Olympics. It’s also…

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Bragging Rights

I love our church and Sunday mornings are nearly always a joy for me. But there’s one Sunday each year that is my absolute favorite. Student Worship Sunday. This year it happened last Sunday, July 1st. Yes, I’m a bit partial to one of the singers, seeing as how I birthed her and all. But…

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