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New York City Or Bust

I can’t stay and chat because it’s 9:26 and I need to go to bed. “Why in the world must you go to bed so early on a Friday night, Jenster?” I’ll tell you why. Because tomorrow morning I’m waking up early, grabbing my iPod with a new Favorites playlist and Precious (my camera for you…

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Sticky Notes On The Brain

This picture makes me think of my mind at the moment. I have thoughts on sticky notes plastered all over my brain, but I need to corral those scattered thoughts and make sense of them. To do that, however, I need to carve out a chunk of time and that seems to be a losing battle. Ever since New Mexico…

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Life and Other Blessings

 From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. John 1:16 This Palm Sunday morning is a quiet one for me. My dad is sleeping peacefully in his chair, good old Southern Hymns are playing quietly on the CD player and the rest of the family has gone to church. My brother-in-law…

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