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Guilty Pleasure

My heart was still very heavy this morning. How could it not be? Not only because of my last post, but also because some good friends of ours are going through a horrible time. I want so much to wave my magic wand and make everything all better RIGHT NOW. This problem, though, is kind…

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Goodness Among So Much Sadness

There has been so much sadness among the overlapping circles of my community the last few weeks. *** It started when Kristi, a young pregnant woman from church, saw her doctor for what they thought was bronchitis. Her oxygen levels were very low so they took her twins about 8 weeks early. The beautiful baby…

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So much for my first week of writing three posts in seven days. Maybe this week will be better. Maybe. *** Taylor came home for spring break yesterday and we’re VERY happy. For a while he thought he was going somewhere with his college friends, but they all decided they wanted to go home. I…

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