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I began blogging over a decade ago, back when you had to know a little coding if you wanted to insert a picture or change the font color. As blogging platforms evolved, so did my design skills. Now I help people either revamp their existing WordPress site or build one from the ground up.

Let me be perfectly honest, here. There is nothing I do that you probably couldn't do as well. YouTube is a great place to find just about any tutorial you could possibly need. You can even learn how to write html5 or CSS, both of which can be helpful when building a website.

But if that sounds like more work than you're willing to tackle, I can create a beautiful on-line presence for you. And if what you want to do is out of my wheelhouse, I'll let you know and direct you to someone who can better meet your needs.

For a list of what I can do for you, checkout my Services Page.

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