Who’s Who??

Because I’m not feeling particularly whitty today – in fact what I feel like rhymes with “whitty”, but this is a PG, maybe PG-13 blog so I won’t say it – I thought I’d just post one of my favorite pictures. I can’t really say why this is one of my favorite pictures. Not only do I have no make up, I don’t have any hair, either. But this photo always makes me smile.

I’m the one with the blue shirt on. :o)

0 thoughts on “Who’s Who??

  1. I know why, because there is something about it that shows through! It is a “warm” picture if that makes sense! I like it also, it is a cute picture!I hope you are feeling better!Hugs- T

  2. I love it because you are both smiling and yet, it’s just a day of lounging and being together in the middle of so much more.Sorry you are feeling crappy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.CindyS

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