Whidbey Island: A Photographic Tour – The Beach

As I mentioned in my last post, I took over 1200 pictures. Some great, some horrible, most tolerable. Don’t worry. I won’t share them all. That would be like going to great Uncle Horace’s house and watching his vacation slides. Great for insomniacs, bad for blog readers.

I am going to break them up, though. So today I give you…


Our Island Abode

The view of Double Bluff from our Island Abode

The walkway to our treasures. Gretchen’s husband, Big, helped build it.

Beauty on the beach

A live sand dollar

Lunch time

One of Susan’s greatest finds

Kellie and His Girl taking a break from touching slimy things to get some snapshots

This is a moon snail. A big moon snail. There is nothing wrong with it. This is what a moon snail is supposed to look like. Poor little moon snail.

The girls peaking over the vastly interesting barnacle rock

Susan’s crabs, not to be confused with cooties

A sampling of our beach booty

What a fun morning that was. Gretchen gave us bags to carry our finds in, but I was so busy taking photos that I only brought home three things. A sand dollar, a snail shell and a clamshell. And I don’t even think I actually gathered them off the beach. I think I pilfered them from someone else’s finds. But what are they going to do? Come get them?

Next tour – Island Living

0 thoughts on “Whidbey Island: A Photographic Tour – The Beach

  1. I just might come get them. ;)Great, great, great pics. And I'll tell Big of the shout out. He'll be so proud. Missyou.And look at that finely painted deck.

  2. you did a wonderful job, jenster… and let me just tell you that sounded like a challenge…would LOVE to be back in PA.I mean… might need to come get my shells…

  3. Hi! I'm just here visiting from Swishy's blog and those beach photos are DA BOMB!!!!! wow, I'm so unbelievably jealous right now….I have to go hit something.

  4. Moonsnails and goeducks…the freaks of the Puget Sound, lol.The pictures are so good it almost felt like I was there! (Well, except for the fact that I wasn't IN the photos and, you know, having coffee and stuff with you gals, lol.)

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