What I’m Good At

I’ve always been one of those lucky people who could adapt fairly easily to any situation. I’m half-way good at a whole lot of things. The problem is, I’m not really good at much of anything. Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s me. But I’d rather not be able to do a ton of things at all just so I could do a few things exceptionally well.

We all have God given talents that make us who we are. I believe with my whole heart that each person on the face of this earth can be exceptional at something, whatever it is, that God has purposed them for. And if that’s true then there has to be something I can do better than the majority of people. After much pondering and introspection I’ve come up with two things I excel at.




I have honed these two skills into a fine art. Throw in the gift of rationalization and it just takes those talents to whole new heights. A level many aspire to, but few ever attain. I am among the elite.

They say pride comes before the fall so I’m trying hard not to brag about my natural abilities, but it’s difficult not to. The thing is, when you’re this good at something it’s useless to downplay it because everybody knows the truth. So I’m just going to say it loud and proud.

I rock at procrastination and whining!!

Don’t be jealous. I’m sure if you think long and hard enough you’ll find something you’re good at too.

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  1. I am in awe. I must say, however, as I sit here whining and procrastinating about cleaning up in my kitchen and rationalizing why I shouldn’t have to do it, that I am superior. Come…sit at my feet and take notes. Learn from the master. 😉

  2. You’ve done it again, Jenster, those are MY elite capabilities and I deeply resent you for taking over my highly honed habits. snort! Thanks for the chuckle. 😉

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