What A Hangover!

It’s obvious I can’t be left alone for an entire weekend. I have no self control and now I’m paying for my weekend of debauchery.

I over-indulged with too many salty foods. Feta stuffed green olives, Salt & Vinegar chips, peanuts… It’s going to take gallons of water to flush all that salt out of my body. My eyes are swollen, my tongue is swollen, my fingers are swollen. I don’t think I’ll weigh myself tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “What A Hangover!

  1. Youch! I’d be bloated for sure ~ I don’t eat a lot of salt normally, so I can definitely feel your pain. Double up on your water and stay away from soda today and you should be fine

  2. LOL, Jenster! We did something almost like that around here while daddy was gone. We keep lots of youth group snacks and things on hand in our chest freezer (out of sight, out of mind), but I broke my rule and got into them so Jericho could fix food in the toaster oven at leisure. Looks like we’re having corndogs for breakfast this morning…woo hoo!Note to self: Tomorrow we get back on track.

  3. But was it worth it? That’s the real question! I hope so, and I am glad it didn’t’ snow so you didn’t have to waste any precious time shoveling.

  4. Slackermommy – It was!Dev – I’ll do that tomorrow. lolBecky – Yes. Tomorrow is another day.Beans – It was worth it. And as if I would have shoveled the drive. HAHAHAHAHA!!!Gretchen – What scale??His Girl – No problem. :o)

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