We’re Having a Baby!!

Well, not WE specifically. WE as in Todd’s brother, Tim, and his wife, Rachele. But wait. It gets better. They’re having twins!!SmileyCentral.com

Tim (or Timmy, as I still think of him) was 11 when Todd and I started dating so he’s been my little brother for a very long time and I have a bit of a soft spot for him. We were thrilled when he married Rachele a few years ago because they compliment each other so nicely. She’s smart and funny (and has mad organizational skillz) and I think they’re great for each other.

They called us the other night to let us know they were pregnant with twins. Seeing as how Katie is the youngest in the family, it’s definitely time for a baby or two. So nice of them to be accommodating like that, dontcha think??

The only problem with all of this is that they live about 3,000 miles away so who knows when I’ll get to see those little bundles of joy. Thank goodness for email and digital cameras – and Rachele’s mad organizational skillz because I have no doubt we’ll be kept current with pictures.

Congratulations, Tim and Rachele!! We love you!!!

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  1. Slackermommy – Long distance sucks. We moved in June and have no family near us at all. Thank goodness for email, phone and airplanes!Amanda – Yep. An excuse to travel. Of course, 3,000 miles is too far to drive and be able to spend any time there, so we’ll have to save up for four plane tickets. I guess we’ll have to watch for deals.Amy – Thanks! It’s been a good week!!Frannie – Maybe it’s something in the water? Whatever it is, I’m a bit relieved I’m past it! lolTara – Yeah. Babies are wonderful. It’s funny because I was about 5 when both my sisters started dating their husbands (they’re 8 and 10 years older). I was 8 when my oldest sister got married and 11 when my other sister got married. So I grew up with my BILs – I hardly remember life without them. And then I watched DH’s brother grow up – same thing, just opposite rolls.

  2. Twins!! How exciting. Twins in the family are lots of fun, especially when they aren’t yours! And, with your kids older, you can get all the “wrong” toys you want with no paybacks! lol

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