Welcome to the Waldorf Astoria

I didn’t take my camera to NYC with me because it’s so big and bulky, but Katie had hers and we both have camera phones. So these aren’t the best pictures ever, but they’re good enough to give you a decent idea of our weekend.

This post will be pictures of the public spaces of the Waldorf Astoria. If you have any imagination at all it’s easy to see it all the way it was back in the day. My friend, Tina’s grandmother worked there back then. Can you imagine the stories she could tell? So elegant and regal. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the doorman in all his finery but Katie was being exceptionally teenagery and that would have been, like, so totally embarrassing.

The ladies’ restroom in the lobby.

The entrance and the stairs up to the “stall hallway”.

The hallway to the stalls and the inside of a stall.

An amazing floral arrangement on the upper floor of the Grande Lobby. It was for a wedding reception they were having there Saturday night.

The beautiful chandelier in the Grande Lobby.

The famous clock tower in the main lobby and the elegant elevator bank on the 21st floor.

Beautiful mahogany panelled elevators.

There was a fashion shoot on the Park Avenue greenbelt in front of the hotel. When we walked into the Grande Lobby we saw a bunch of young, tall, beautiful, modely-type people.

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  1. I have to say that whenever I look at places like this, I think… geeesh- I was born for this kind of life. WHERE’S MY DOORMAN? WHERE’S MY CHANDELIER? which is probably why I’m not allowed to go to places like that very often!btw, I could totally hear your teenager-y voice there. one of the many blessings of meeting you irl!

  2. I just love your Travel columns, Jenster. I feel like I’ve been there myself, because these are SO the things I would have noticed, too.You have to wonder what a wedding reception in the Waldorf Astoria would cost…because that arrangement alone would have been way over my entire wedding (and honeymoon) budget, lol.LOL S4J!

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