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As my sidebar says, I work with the youth group at our church. What that usually entails is showing up to church at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, helping get things set up, and then hanging out with the junior high kids for an hour before their worship service begins at 7:00. This weekend’s a little different.

The junior and senior high girls are going to the Revolve Tour in Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow.

I am one of four chaperones and for the most part I’m excited about it. If you’ve ever been to a Women of Faith conference you’ll have a good idea of what it’s going to be like, only geared for teen issues. In fact, I think it’s put on by the same organization.

The part I have reservations about is spending the night at the church. Even that in itself doesn’t so much concern me. It’s the probable lack of sleep and then getting up early to be in Philly before 9:00 tomorrow morning that has me a little anxious. All I can say is there better be coffee. Mass quantities of the stuff. I have an image to keep and I can’t do it without the proper stimulation.

I will be sure and report back after I have recuperated. Could be Monday before my next post!

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  1. Uh, I would advise a good neck pillow and catnaps on the bus, if you are going by bus. It would stink if you had to drive that early and not have enough sleep. But it sounds like you’ll be having a great time. Enjoy and have a great weekend!Aim

  2. I heard Rebecca St. James talking about this tour on our local Christian radio station. She was talking about how great it is. I think it is awesome! I really wish they would’ve had stuff like this when I was young.Have fun & be safe!

  3. Sounds amazing. We didn’t really have things like this when I was growing up either. We would have church get togethers where the youth from our church in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota would get together for weekend retreats and then there was bible camp in August. I’ve always wanted to go back to that camp, but the pastors at the churches don’t know where it is (we stopped going when I was 17). I hope it’s still there. That place was magical. You stepped onto the ground and your soul was at peace. It was amazing.I look forward to hearing about the conference when you get home. Hopefully you get some sleep.

  4. I want to know more about this “image” you have to keep… a proper woman, or the Jen we all know and love??? Coffee and Sugar are great “Jen” stimulants, as well as lack of sleep! LOL

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