Tuesday’s Doings

Day two of Katie and Mom week.

We had a very slow start this morning but that was kind of nice. We drove up to Amityville to a rather large antique mall. Nothing caught our fancy so we left and drove the rest of the way to Reading (as in the Reading Railroad on Monopoly) where I had a return at the Outlet Mall.

Katie lucked out again because she’s just so darned much fun to buy for! Two more shirts and a package of socks. I also bought myself an uber-fuzzy bed jacket. Not that I’ll be needing it any time soon as it’s sweltering up here. But it will be nice to have when it cools down. It’s so hard to read in bed with cold shoulders.

After we got home I left again to see my dermatologist. My gynecologist wanted me to see him to be sure I don’t have an infection before she does surgery on Monday. It was the quickest, easiest doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had.

I wanted to laugh – and I did while I was driving home – because he asked how she was going to do the procedure. “Will she be going, you know, through there?” he asked as he pointed to my nether regions. The man is a doctor, for crying out loud, and he couldn’t say “vaginally”. LOL! But what was worse was when I tried to say abdominally I ended up saying abominably – which may not be too far from the truth.

The rest of the evening is just hanging out and getting to bed at a decent time so we can get up and head to the Art Museum at a decent hour.

More tomorrow…

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  1. I ditto Prunella Jones’ comment.”We drove up to Amityville…” and my story would end with, “so, we sped up & blew right threw that town! Too scared to stop.” AAAAUGH!

  2. I’m pretty sure it was a different Amityville because there was nothing remotely creepy about this particular Amityville – not even a “Children of the Corn” wholesome creepiness.

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