Travel to Hawaii

I know you all are waiting to see pictures of Hawaii, but being the nonlinear thinker I am I have to start at the beginning. So this is a little slide show of the trip to Hawaii. As you will see (if you stick around long enough) I love clouds. They fascinate me and I find them incredibly beautiful.

Also, it was kind of weird flying into L.A. and not leaving the airport. I’ve never done that there before. I did get to see my beach and had a glimpse of Catalina Island. It made me a little sad. But then I remembered I was going to Hawaii and I got over it.

Alright. I’m on my way back to Flicker for the next slide show.

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  1. Glad you’re home! Can’t wait to see more pictures. Just so you know…. Aunt Thea, Mom, and I have all decided that you can’t go on a 2 week vacation again, without your laptop. I know you could have kept us updated while you were there – that’s why every hotel has a Business Center with computers! 😀 So you can keep all your fans updated and we wouldn’t have to go through withdrawals! We’re looking forward to more.

  2. Silly Gretchen. :o)Terri – Yes, I heard that my now 3 fans were upset with me. I’ll see what I can do next time I go to Hawaii for two weeks.Girl – Considering I’d love to have as much photography talent as you have in your little finger that’s quite a compliment! Thanks!

  3. Darn those clouds are beautiful. I still sooo wish you–I mean not YOU, but in general-could bounce on the clouds. They look like awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them. . .*Beans patiently waits for more*

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