The Evolution of Sookie

Friday was a cool and rainy day. I spent the day doing work work and house work and drying off Sookie after she’d spent ten minutes or so outside in the wet and muddy yard. As I came out of the laundry room this is where I found her.

She was just chillin in one of her favorite spots where she can survey all her minions. Trying to look all nonchalant and all, I could tell there was something going on in that puppy brain of hers.


That’s an interesting spot on the floor down there.

Later she followed me into my room while I dumped a basket of clean towels onto the bed and filled it with the next load to be washed. Usually she follows me back out, but after I’d gone downstairs and filled the washer I realized she wasn’t there. So I went back upstairs to my room.

Did I mention it was a rainy day?

Or that our yard was wet and muddy?

Or even that the towels were clean?

Apparently my less than gentle rebuke and the photo session wore her out. Because this is where she ended up after I chased her out of my room.

It’s a rough life.

0 thoughts on “The Evolution of Sookie

  1. Those last 3 pix …. she looks rather indignant. I've seen that look, too. I think it might have been after I found muddy paw prints on the white bedspread. Oh, no! It's contagious!She is a beautiful dog,

  2. How can you resist those eyes? Her expression seems to say, "How can you not love me?"Dogs SO manipulate their people. She was all about getting those nice, freshly cleaned towels from the get-go. 😉

  3. Our Emily loves clean clothes. Of course she also loves dirty clothes, pillows, blankets… No chewing, she licks them. Gotta love 'em when they look at you and seem to say, "It's because I love you so much."

  4. She's so stinkin' cute. Becky's right: masterful manipulators. Or just plain master manipulators. When our 100+lb retriever gets up onto our couch, she always turns around and meets my eyes as if to say, "Don't mind if I do."

  5. What a sweet face!!! Although I don't think I would've been too happy about the formerly clean towels. It's bad enough when Chester does that with dirty ones and I have to gather everything back up. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! 🙂

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