The Croc Saga

I recently learned something very disheartening about a good friend of mine. I’ll call her Sina so as to keep her anonymous. We don’t always agree on everything and that’s fine.

I was disbelieving when she told me she doesn’t like Jane Austen and finds her boring, but I realize Miss Jane is not everyone’s cuppa tea.

I was mystified when it came out she doesn’t enjoy doing Beth Moore studies, but I accept we all learn differently.

But when I found out this latest thing about her… I can hardly bring myself to say it out loud… But here I go…

She joined a Facebook Group called, “I Don’t care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass.” Oh yes she did! As you can imagine, this has stirred up much controversy on her profile.

Now I realize crocs may not make a fashion statement, but they really are comfortable and I’m sorry Sina, but they don’t make people look like a dumbass. To show my support of Crocs I created this Visual Ode to Fuzzy Crocs:

Say what you will, Sina. I know what’s important in life and comfy shoes is near the top of the list. I think you need to step out of the darkness and over into the light.

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  1. LOL That is TOO funny!!!!I resisted Crocs for quite a while…and I still feel like I’m wearing a giant boat or something on my feet cause they’re so huge…but I wear them nonetheless. They are comfy!

  2. Well, except for the fact that my foot swims in them, there is no arch support, and I walk like I’m wearing swim fins, I have nothing against Crocs! 😀 I’d love to feel them comfortable, but I just don’t. I guess that makes me a Sina-wannabe. Please don’t hate me!!!

  3. LOL! I’ve resisted getting them for a long time…but something about that fleece lining appeals. I only wish they didn’t bring to mind my grandpa’s workshop walls…when I see all those holes, I kind of feel like hanging up a hammer or something.

  4. Cheryl – I didn’t really like them so much at first, but now I love them!Lyn – I don’t hate you. I don’t hate Sina, either. She’s one of my best friends. I just have to accept we’re all different… :O)Becky – I LOVE my fuzzy crocks!! So comfy.

  5. LOL – I saw your ode to crocs on FB and HEY – if there comfy wear them! I really don’t have need for them here in Cali, if it’s not closed shoes it’s flip flops. I love your little accessories on each one – Funny how Todd’s are empty or are those Taylors? lol

  6. ha! My BFF joined that group too. It made me giggle. I’m not a croc fan for grownups, but I think they are adorable on kids. And – you don’t have to tie them!I’ll admit it, though. I would like a pair of those fuzzy crocs to wear into the gym since they won’t let us wear our tennis shoes outside before coming into the gym.

  7. Deb – Taylor’s are the empty shoes! Todd has Flyers and Phillies on his.Monnik – The fuzzy crocs are great because they’re like slippers, but you don’t have to remember to change them if you have to leave! :o)

  8. I have been following the saga of Sina, and I can’t believe she has done this to the rest of us Croc loving folks. She clearly hasn’t discovered the sheer comfort and joy of the croc. I think we should have an intervention . . .BTW–are those all of your fuzzy Crocs? I tried to find ones at he outlet, but they only had hot pink ones–and when you have a size 10-11 foot, hot pink fuzzy croc don’t look so good!

  9. has the best selection of fuzzy crocs and the shipping is offset by sales tax and you get exactly what you want. I DON’T wear regualar crocs because I prefer my flip flops but I HAD to have the fuzzy ones!!

  10. I’m a croc wearer too, as well as a senior citizen, and I love my WINTER crocs. Great for jumping in the car and running a few errands. Much more comfortable than heavy winter boots. All my grandchildren have them too. On occassion I have caught my hubby slipping ine on to run outside for something. Wish I have stocks in crocs LOL

  11. 😀 Jen, I know you know I was joking, but I have a friend who can’t get the concept of agreeing to disagree. It’s sad because it is about to end our friendship. have a great weekend~

  12. I too also love crocs. I have a funny feeling that “Sina” might be my cousin. Yes, I am related to her. Just an FYI, I just bought a pair of Croc boots the other day at Macy’s. I wanted a pair of brown ones and I can’t find them anywhere. I wonder if I could have my cousin look for them for me. LOL! She’s never going to live this down. It’s all in good fun. She knows we all love her 🙂

  13. Oh, gee…Well, I can’t quite do the croc thang–my foot is narrow, and they are ugly– ;)– but (and I didn’t know this until I got them) I can’t live w/o my Ugg(lie)s. Drama Girl insisted that I needed a pair for Christmas, so her dad and brother obliged (heck, the pressure was off them). Now, I lurrrrrve them. If I can love glorified bedroom slippers, you can love those holey crocs.

  14. Yah, um, my friend…I hate to say this, and I hope you will still love me when I do, but I think Crocs are one of the greatest crimes against fashion ever perpetrated. The offend me to my very core.But I think you are very cute and also very pretty.

  15. Beans – We ordered them online. And we each have a pair of fuzzy crocs.S4J – that’s why I got my very first pair. Except I’m not much of a gardener. :o)Anonymous 1 – The fuzzy crocs are SO comfy!RM – They are very convenient, aren’t they? Like throwing on a pair of slippers, except they’re shoes!Lyn – I’m sorry about that. If all my friends with different opinions left me I wouldn’t have any friends! lol”Sina’s” Cousin – I haven’t seen the croc boots! I’ll have to check that out. And yes, I think this is something that will get lots of mileage for many years to come!! heeheeheeGretchen – Thank you, my dear. :o)HisGirl – That would probably matter to me if I was a fashionista. But I’m not so it’s okay! And I would still love you even if you hadn’t thrown in that last line!

  16. Well, Jenster, this “Sina” person sounds very wise indeed. And it seems that the majority of your readers agree with her. I must say that I feel that just because something is comfy, doesn’t mean you should wear them in public…just ask Stacy and Clinton form “What not to wear” I’m pretty sure crocs would top their list :)Anywhoo…I still love you, even though your taste in shoes well, lacks taste 🙂

  17. Lainey – No hating goin’ on here. :o) I’m sure I probably agree. But they’re just so dang comfy!Sina – I mean Tina – if you love me you won’t ever sic Stacy and Clinton on me. Right???

  18. To one croc lover to another, your friend is wrong. They are one of the best inventions ever! I love my fuzzy ones when it is cold and my non-fuzzy ones the rest of the time. Having had both knee caps broken, I swear they are the most comfortable and supportive shoes ever. Plus the colors are too cool!!

  19. I am so with you on the comfy shoes issue. However, not many adults I know look good in crocs. Cute on kids, but not so much on most grown-ups!!! Gotta go with Sina on this one!

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