0 thoughts on “Superbowl Commercials

  1. The Snickers one kind of grossed me out, too, but I still thought it was funny. I bet their stock would have gone up if they had used two hot guys instead.LOL

  2. I liked the rock, scissors, paper commercial. That was a really funny one, so was the one with the auctioneer officiating the wedding.The Nationwide commercial was too bad considering it was K-Fed.

  3. Did you not notice when they threw up the sheet and gave Prince the different guitar that he had well sort of an interesting shadow?? We had serveral people over watching and we ALL noticed at the same time.. Were we the only ones??

  4. No, you weren’t the only one. LOL I did notice that and wondered if the camera people just didn’t notice it at first or if they were in on it.It looked kind of alien. :o)

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