Sunsets and Amishland

The other day I noticed these gorgeous thunderclouds past the field across from our neighborhood so I snapped some pictures:


This is the third time I’ve seen this and it cracks me up every single time. A horse and buggy at the car wash??


Did you see those rollerblades??

0 thoughts on “Sunsets and Amishland

  1. HA–Funny buggy wash. I can’t wait to see the buggy parking in WI when we go. Cracks me up as well-every time. I am surprised I haven’t killed one of those buggy’s. I so shouldn’t drive in Amishland as I am always very distracted.

  2. I love storms and often watch the clouds when they are predicted, watching them come to life. Cool pictures.Love the Amish pictures as well. There’s an Amish town called Shipshawanna within a busride from me but I’ve never been. Need to check it out one day…

  3. Deb – I can tell you that THIS Cali girl never thought she’d live so close to the buggies!Beans – Have a great time!!GGG – TWO MONTHS! Not Three. :o)Stacy – I have what may be an abnormal fascination with clouds. Sounds like you might, too. heehee

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