Spring Break Update

This is just a quick drive-by post.

The family flew in late Monday night and yesterday we went to the Franklin Institute:

And saw the King Tut exhibit:

It was fascinating and hard to grasp the age of most of the artifacts. Some of them were reproductions, but the majority of them were thousands of years old. Remarkable.

And here’s a little contest. Whoever comes the closest will receive praise and adoration on my blog. So don’t be shy with the answers!!

How much is a parking ticket in the great city of Philadelphia??

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  1. I think we may have been on the same wavelength…I just wrote a post about going to the museum with my kids to see the Egypt exhibit.No idea how much the ticket would be, not even a guess.

  2. Oh no…I’m hoping you didn’t find out the hard way how much a parking ticket is!!! My guess? Hmmm…$350. That would be a high price to pay for parking in the wrong place! :-/ I will take that praise & adoration any time now…even if I didn’t win. ;-)Katy

  3. I’ll go with 110 bucks only because that would make me scream. In Niagara Falls (Canadian side) we got ticketed and it was 25 bucks so not mind blowing but enough to make you look around and realize the 100 other cars that had parked around you saw the ticketing guy before you did and got the hell out!Hope you are having fun with the family regardless. I saw Tut when I was 7 years old – I’ve been intrigues by all things historical ever since!CindyS

  4. I’ll go with $125. Don’t know why but it sounds right for an ordinary parking ticket. Now if it’s in a handicapped spot or emergency lane I know those are really high. My son has a friend in college in PA and will be flying out for his spring break on Sunday. I’ll have to let him know about the Tut exhibit.

  5. Where did you park?? I’ll go with $26.00. But that’s because I believe you are generally a law-abiding citizen. So, maybe you just let the meter expire.

  6. Okay I am gonna be crazy because it is a city and they have to be strict to keep down the parking problems and a big ticket cost would discourage law-breakers. I am gonna say $200.

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