I love hearing Jen speak at any event! She keeps my attention and has a great sense of humor!
Kelli-Ann A.
Jen is an honest, transparent, and authentic speaker! She always makes me laugh and has an uncanny ability to make others feel connected to her. She always seems to share from the heart and her easy-going nature helps me feel like I can relate to the things she is speaking about. I just love her. <3
Mandy A.
Real. Engaging. Funny. Honest.
Lisa P.
Jennifer has an inviting, humorous style on stage which pulls the audience into her inspiration. She is confident in front of both small and medium-sized audiences and never ceases to impress with her fun take on a life sold out to Jesus.
Diane K.
Great speaker…lots of enthusiasm and shares personal experiences that make it more genuine and draws my attention!
Jessica C.
She is an amazing speaker who can easily connect with her audience through humor (like pee in your pants funny), grace and authenticity. More women NEED to hear her story and know her!
Val C.
Smart. Funny. Authentic. Prepared. Passionate about her topic. Relatable. Focused. Doesn’t ramble.
Ruth S.
Very interesting.   Very real.   She has had such highs & lows in her life. She shares her faith & keep our interest.   She is very approachable.
Wendy B.
I enjoy the personal anecdotes and sense of humor Jen adds to her subjects.
Doris G.
Jen is a fantastic public speaker. She immediately connects with her audience through both her unexpected sense of humor and her genuine authenticity. The audience is more likely to feel like they are having coffee with a girlfriend, than listening to a speaker. Jen connects on a heart level and her desire to thoughtfully impact the mind and soul are deeply felt through her teachings.
Carrie S.