Shifting the Focus

I really need to take the attention off of what I may or may not be guilty of – some of which is up for debate apparently.

Since I’m in the middle of painting my living room I’m taking the easy way out. I went to Blogthings and got this:

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Girl Scout

Not quite sure how I feel about being a Girl Scout. What about the rest of you??

0 thoughts on “Shifting the Focus

  1. You, a girl scout??? I agree with Aim, the jury’s out on that! It said I should be Elvis….(sorry, I tried to correct a typo, and deleted the comment instead. It shows up as deleted now.)

  2. Jodi – thanks for that vote of confidence. I suppose it depends on the particular girl scout’s “cookies”. LOL!Aim and Terri – so are you saying I’m not trustworthy and all that??Jen

  3. Well, I could take this ball and run with it for quite awhile, but knowing that this will embarass you and that I will get another “talking to” like I did about the Guilty/Not Guilty thing, I shall control myself and say nothing…..but I am smiling a lot!!Todd (aka – DH)

  4. Now, I’m not saying that you’re not trustworthy. If you’re going to dress up, let it be something different or out of this world. But I shouldn’t even talk, ’cause you’re talking to the person who wanted to dress like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction with a big ol syringe sticking out of my chest for Halloween that year.Aim

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