Revolve in Kodachrome

I took 365 pictures Friday and Saturday. Before you panic, I haven’t posted all of them. In fact I’ve only posted pictures which didn’t include any of the girls. So here we go…

On the bus Friday afternoon:

Does anyone else find this kind of funny?

Friday night traffic in Philadelphia:

Wachovia Spectrum starting to fill up:

The ride home:

My pink slippers, pizza and a soda at 11:00 Friday night:

One of the adults, Stacy, considered riding the air mattress down the steps like a surfboard. Thankfully she didn’t do that. She was our nurse and no good could have come from it:

Our bus at 0-dark-thirty Saturday morning:

This one speaks for itself:

Hawk Nelson on the stage:

All the speakers and singers in a Q&A session:

An empty stadium:

The sunset over the church after everyone left:

0 thoughts on “Revolve in Kodachrome

  1. I’m thinking you had a great time in your pink slippies!!! They’re so cute!!! A busy weekend but lots of fun…Body fluid clean up?!? Guess that one covers it from top to bottom, inside and out!!

  2. clean up kit = grossnessI’ve seen Hawk Nelson, two years ago they toured on Winter Jam. They’re a fun band.Mattress surfing is good. It would be like the Princess Diaries 2.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I would love to do something like that with my daughters. What wonderful memories you are making for your daughter. You are an amazing mom, and I love your fluffy PINK slippers too. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.Oh, I am glad the nurse didn’t ride the air mattress down those long stairs too. I agree with you, nothing good would have come of that!xoxox

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