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  1. I saw a promo today for a new show from the writers of Gilmore Girls – all I know is it’s on FOX and it premiere’s March 14th. Obviously, I will get the DVR to search it out.And I think most people were concerned about how much they like Gilmore Girls ;)Cindys

  2. Sorry, that was me and I posted before checking spelling, which is completely unacceptable. You should have SEEN the spelling mistakes!!I tried not to like that darn show, but DP watched it and I was sucked in. It was a sad day in our house the day Rory and Lorelei walked off the screen for the last time.sigh.

  3. Sadly, I’m not a GG disciple. Only because I’ve never seen the show. Otherwise, I’m SURE I’d be right up on the stage with all who extol it’s virtues. However, I do love me a train wreck or 2, and watching Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab fits that bill. Sadly, there are many shows with whom I should be seriously concerned with myself about. Don’tcha love the use of prepositions in the previous sentence? I’m a regular English.is.my.first.language. scholar.xxxooogretchen

  4. That is hysterical.guess I am going to have to start watching it now. I’ve never tired. wonder if someone has a dvd set they want to loan me? I’ll have to ask aroung.

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