Post Birthday… uh… Post

Thank you friends, both virtual and actual, for your birthday wishes. The day started out a little dreary (literally and figuratively) but cleared up nicely (only figuratively).

I have one of those very smart cars that tells you when something is wrong. Sunday my car warned me the pressure in two of the tires was low. So I rescheduled my dentist appointment for today and took my car to the dealer instead. It was nice to have 15 minutes of alone time to read in the waiting room.

After that I met my therapist friend, Cristie, at the Starbuck’s in Barnes and Noble. Her birthday was the day before mine so we shared a celebratory piece of carrot cake cheesecake, drank our very own mochas and exchanged gifts.

She gave me this hysterical calendar, two adorable bead angels (I’m sharing one with Katie), a couple Starbuck’s coupons (because she knows me so well) and a B&N gift card (again, because she knows me so well).

But better than these gifts was the time we spent together. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and I basically knew why, but she saw everything from a different perspective than I could and really helped me work through some of these issues. I love that woman!

On my way home I stopped off at my friend, Kris’ house just to chat. She only lives around the corner, but it seems our schedules (mostly mine) never match up. She only had about 15 minutes before she had to leave which worked out very well for me. If she’d had all the time in the world my 15 minutes would have stretched into an hour and 15 minutes or so. Still, we managed to pack in a nice visit.

When I got home I jumped in the shower to get ready for my “birthday date” with Todd. We went to have a nice dinner at the new Outback. A crisp glass of Riesling, coconut shrimp appetizer, Alice Springs Chicken and nice conversation. Very, very pleasant.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a cake. I chose a deliciously decadent Boston Chocolate Silk cake. A layer of spongy chocolate cake, a thick layer of a fluffy chocolate whipped cream filling, another layer of spongy chocolate cake, topped by a chocolate butter cream frosting. Yum!

Then I got to open my presents. Kris gave me a bottle of Italian wine. Real Italian wine from Italy. Looks like we’ll have to spare more than 15 minutes so we can enjoy a glass or two.

And then the gift from my family. Guitar Hero III!!! I so rock!!! It is so much fun! Next week when the kids go back to school I’m going to set aside four hours a day to practice so I can beat Taylor. Not really. Maybe an hour a day.

Since I didn’t make it to the dentist yesterday I went in this morning. I’m getting a crown next Monday so today’s appointment was to make the impression. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and impressions are the worst form of dental torture to me. The hygienist was great and I only sort of gagged one time. Whew!

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  1. Ooh, Guitar Hero III!! My kiddo would be so jealous. She’s been hinting left and right about how much she wants this. I’ve already finished her shopping, so maybe someone else will get it for her.I love Alice Springs chicken ~ so delicious!Sounds like you ended up having a pretty good day. I’m glad to hear it 🙂

  2. What a great birthday! There you go with your food editor descriptions…you’ve got me wanting to go to Outback now.ROFL about setting aside four hours a day to practice Guitar hero so you can beat Taylor! You rock, Jenster!I’m so with you on the dentist thing. I’m always afraid of puking from the whole gag reflex, and then worrying that the saliva sucker is just too narrow to clean out my mouth, so then I’ll choke to death there in the dentists chair, and people will read that obit in the paper and think what a pathetic person I was to have met such a demise. Death by gagging and choking…man, that gives me shivers even thinking about it.P.S. I left something on my blog for you…

  3. that cake sounds deadly delish! 🙂 That calendar – I LOVE Anne Taintor! I asked for the same one for my birthday! 🙂 my friend once gave me the Anne Taintor postcard that said “domestically disabled”…

  4. Glad it seems things went well with your friends and date. I agree the weather has been very very dreary and droopy.BTW-I order Alice Springs chicken exclusively from Outback . . .love it!I can’t even talk about the dentist. I need one that knocks you out . .

  5. Happy belated birthday! I just caught up with your blog tonight and that’s when I found out about your birthday. Getting Guitar Hero III for your bday present so totally awesome. I work with a ton of people at my job who are GH fans. Enjoy the game.

  6. Now that you own (and on that schedule will quickly learn) Guitar Hero, you not only will be cute and funny, you’ll also be a total bad ass. I am just plain impressed…

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