Pavlov’s Theory Confirmed

My four week postsurgical checkup was this morning. Am I the only one who never gets to sit more than a minute or two before being called back? I’m sure most people would be thrilled with the efficiency of this office, but I don’t like it. Even if I’m 15 minutes early I get called back nearly as soon as I get there. When am I supposed to read?

The doctor was pleased with how well I’m doing and said I was released of all restrictions. I was afraid she was going to say that, but when I grumbled about laundry she graciously offered to write me a note for another year. It was a tempting suggestion, but my desire to have the laundry done my way overrides my desire to have my family continue to do it.

After the appointment I had to hit Starbuck’s. It’s like I have some kind of Pavlovian response to medical offices. The smell of rubbing alcohol and a blood pressure cuff stirs my need for a White Chocolate Mocha. The Starbuck’s closest to the doctor’s office shares a parking lot with the local train station. There wasn’t a parking space in sight. So I continued down the road until I got to the Starbuck’s in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I really wish I would have had my camera because this place is truly photo-worthy. It’s in a round building that I believe was an auto garage in the 60’s and next to the pretty Starbuck’s sign is another sign that says, “Beer Yard in back”.

Instead of my usual White Chocolate Mocha – the largest one with all the fat, all the calories, all the caffeine and the yummy goodness of a huge pile of whipped cream on the top – I ordered a tall (the smallest size) decaff, non-fat white chocolate mocha, no whip. (Yeah. I said it just like that. Cool, aren’t I?) I was surprised by the deliciousness of it and I even wonder if it was truly non-fat. It even tasted like there may have been some whip on the top. But I decided that it didn’t matter because the way I ordered it was only 5.5 Weight Watchers points and that’s how I recorded it today.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, I lost 1 pound last week. I much prefer the 3.5 pounds, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially since last week wasn’t one of my better weeks, what with having company and feeling the need to show them the great ice cream places around here and the tasty Philly Cheese Steaks.

Katie made dinner tonight. Mac & Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli. From scratch. I only helped a little and it was delicious! She got the recipe from her Rachael Ray for Kids cookbook. I thought making a cheese sauce from the ground up was very ambitious for a kids’ cookbook, but she did a great job.

By the time dinner was over I was beat. I guess driving to the doctor’s office, going from one Starbuck’s to another Starbuck’s, grocery shopping and then helping with dinner was more than I’m up to. OH! Let’s not forget the half a load of laundry I did. Or it was a whole load, but I only made it into the washing machine and never into the dryer. But I’ll worry about that tomorrow…

Anyway, after dinner I told the kids to clean off the table and then clean up the kitchen. Taylor tried to get out of it by saying Katie made dinner so she should clean up. “After all, a clean cook is a good cook,” to quote his grandfather. She started to argue with him and he came back with this priceless line:

This is not a democracy. It’s a dictaylorship.

Turns out he was wrong and ended up helping in the kitchen.

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  1. I’m glad that you got the all clear even though it means laundry may end up back on your plate 😉 I wonder how long Taylor has been saving that one!CindyS

  2. Looks like Taylor inherited your witty genes. I have to make mention the White Mochas are my favorite too!! So how many points is the regular fatty White mocha? I got to know.

  3. YEA!! All clear.. i wouldhave taken the note though.. although if I didnt do those things for a year i’d be in a lot of trouble!!! Love it.. Dic TAYLOR ship.. lol

  4. I always get called back quickly too.. Then I usually have to sit there for an hour with nothing to read but pamphlets and medical journals..

  5. Great post Jen and I am glad you got a good report from the doctor even if you can do the laundry now. :)It’s time for bed and you’ve got me wanting to raid the refrigerator! 🙂

  6. WTG on the pound, Jen! and being given the all clear.As for Starbucks, I also order the decaf, nonfat nowhip mocha. My hubby calls it a “why bother”. In fact, when I told that to my local morning guy at Starbucks (who knows me by name – dontcha love Starbucks?), they started calling it that *g*. It’s almost like having a drink named after you. The only thing that could make it more “why botherish” is if the chocolate syrup was sugar-free.

  7. Okay where is this wonderful doctor’s office with the no waiting? I swear I could make the flight to PA from CA and get in more quickly than my doctor’s office.

  8. Your son sounds like a lot of fun!I should have had a starbucks ritual with all my medical stuff. I wish you had told me earlier that it was something I should do!Rachel Ray is awesome! I have a bunch of her cookbooks and I believe I even have the kids cookbook. (when my my 3 year old was a lot younger, he told me that “Rachel Ray is prettier than you mom”) I think he was trying to say that I am prettier than her because he said it so happily right to my face. At least I hope anway.

  9. Cindy – I did four loads of laundry today and it was almost fun. I’m sure that will wear off, though.April – I have no idea how many points the real thing is. I think I’m probably happier this way. :o)Swishy – Thanks!Pokey Puppy – My kids are old enough to do their own laundry – which they do most of the time. I’m just not keen on them doing MY laundry.Burg – You forgot to say you sit in the room for an hour NEKKID. And cold!Jen – If that’s the case his kids will be insanely funny.Seaspray – So did you raid and if so, what did you eat??Lori – I love the “why bother”. I wonder what I’d get if I ordered that here.Rosie – Come on! We’ll have lunch after.Monnik – Too bad it’s not true for him. And Weight Watchers is going well so far. Thanks!Aim – That would explain where it went. lolTravis – Dieting sucks, plain and simple. Good luck, though!Lainey-Paney – I’ll have him get on that right away. :o)Tori – Both the kids are pretty fun to hang out with. Unless one or both of them are sporting a ‘tude. Then I’d just as soon they locked themselves in their room. lolAnd I’m guessing the Starbucks addiction would help explain my 35 pounds weight gain during chemo – you know, six months of weekly, if not more, doctor’s visits.I’m sure he was trying to say you’re much prettier! :o)

  10. Good to hear your doctor released you.I can relate to what you said about the laundry. I too prefer to do it my way.Sounds like dinner was good. I wish I could get my kids to eat dinner, let alone make it.Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog.

  11. An office with no waiting…that would be a dream! Then you can always read with your coffee later…just add it in to what the wait time should’ve been!

  12. Oh, I would have totally taken the no laundry for a year pass! I am still riding out my bruised fingernail from over two months ago as a viable reason for not doing housework! My husband indulges me. LOLTaylor is so witty…he’s gonna be a lady-killer – you know how girls love the funny guy!

  13. We have a dictaylorship here, too. It’s a monarchy. I’m the queen. No matter how tall they are…:)So glad that all went well at the appt. Sorry about the laundry and all. And…WTG on your 1 lb! Slow is good.!

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