The family and I were going to go bike riding today, but it’s very overcast. The weatherman said we wouldn’t be getting any more rain today, however, the last time we listened to him we had to ride several miles in a veritable deluge. So we opted to go swimming at the YMCA instead.

After lunch we all rushed around to get our suits on so we could get to the Y before the lap lanes got crowded. As we were pulling in to the parking lot I realized I had put my slippers on instead of my pool shoes. And they’re not just any slippers. I think they’re actually men’s slippers – so right there you know they’re ugly. They’re also getting worn out and my left pinky toe hangs out through a hole when I walk.

I don’t think anyone noticed, though I don’t know how the tell tale slipper slapping on the tile floor could be ignored. Thankfully there were very few people there today.

0 thoughts on “Oooops!!

  1. Thanks, Tara. Of course, you know you’re partly to blame for this, don’t you??Did you get a lot of reading done on your vacation? And are you rested and ready to go?Jen

  2. Hey Jen, to be honest, I thought you’d breakdown sooner–LOL.We did have a nice vacation, rested–no, but that’s okay. I finished 6 books, not great, but all things considered not bad. I’ll blog about today or tomorrow.

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