One More Thing

As Taylor was sitting next to me on the couch this evening he hit my shoulder with his noggin. And I said —

You butt headed me!

And then Todd had to pause the movie because I started laughing so hard I was crying, which is contagious, and pretty soon we were all hysterical.

And Taylor’s all, “Mom called me a butt head!” And I’m like, “I meant head butted!” And Todd’s going, “That’s Mom for you.” And Katie’s totally, “Stop or I’ll wet myself!”

Yeah. Good times.

0 thoughts on “One More Thing

  1. If she’s wetting herself now, what’s she gonna do after she has kids? ;)I always tease my kids when they say, “But, Mooommmm!” I tell them, “Don’t call me a Butt Mom, that’s mean”. And then we laugh and have a special time which is similar in nature and, likely, duration to the one described on your blawg. xxxooogretchen

  2. Jen, sounds like you just invented a new verb. I hope it doesn’t make it to my house, though. I can imagine the fun my girls would have with that. The under-9yr set is fascinated enough with potty terms! Thanks for the laugh! Katie

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