Oh, the Irony

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you probably know I complain a lot about the weight I gained from breast cancer treatment. First from the chemotherapy and then from Zoladex injections. And since my hysterectomy – which was indirectly related to the breast cancer – I’m finding it harder and harder to lose weight.

Why am I such a sucker for products with pink ribbons on them? I know in my head most of them are just a sales ploy. Oh, sure they give a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. But I still think it’s probably more of a manipulative merchandising tool than anything.

So why did I buy these today? Yet another reason I can blame my weight on breast cancer!

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  1. Damn right you can! Blame it on the cancer, baby. It’s waaay better than the “I just had a baby” excuse. 🙂 And…you ARE helping out. Not just monetarily, but chocolate is the universal helper IMO.

  2. Jen, you bought these for the same reason I will buy them…they are good for one thing. Second reason, they are for a very worthy cause. Thirdly even though we know that the percentage of profit from the product being donated isn’t nearly enough (100% would be ideal, but that’s me…a dreamer and an idealist!), it is something and that down the road might benefit us. Last reason? We are survivors and we cling to anything that helps us believe that there will one day be a cure. Glad you bought them and I hope you enjoy every morsel..dole them out in moderation which will help you feel better about the weight.

  3. Never, ever feel guilty about chocolate. It is a good rule, especially when the proceeds go to breast cancer. Plus, it is a proven fact that it is essential for emotional health!!!!! Enjoy it and move on. That is an order.XOXOXO

  4. OK Jennifer, If you email me with your address, I will send you some TimTams that have the pink ribbon on them which makes them strawberry flavoured and delicious! So far we’ve had 2 packets in the house and I’ve only got one from each packet since my son loves them.

  5. Becky – Good and noble? Okay!Gretchen – I’m all about helping the universe.Sherry – You are, of course, right. And I am enjoying the M&Ms. The Kissables are actually for my daughter. So it’s all good.Swishy – I guess it’s a win/win? Except where my butt is concerned.Travis – I think you’re right! I’m taking the Sharpee to her right now!Amanda – You’re making me sad because I ate the last English muffin yesterday! LOLEileen – I must be the rock of emotional stability! :o)Carolanne – Aren’t you sweet!?Manic – I suppose I forgot the Yoplait because it’s healthy. *snort*

  6. Now Jen, do you buy the peanut M&Ms because Kate can’t have them?….that would mean more for you….LOL You know they don’t have to be pink for me to buy them. I love ’em and have a hard time sharing.

  7. Dangnabbit. Here’s your positive. I haven’t even seen anything up here with the pink ribbon on them. So I will now actively look for pink ribbon foods to help support research (my God they need a cure already!). If I’m going to eat chocolate anyways (which I am) then I need to be helping all women fight for our health! Thanks Jenster!CindyS

  8. If it weren’t for being a diabetic, I’d be all over those M&Ms! I’m licking the screen. Is that okay? LOLAfter my c-section and after my hysterectomy, I craved chocolate. The nurses told me it was normal. :o)

  9. Well I bought the strawberry Tim Tams waiting for you to send me your address so I could then send them to you but my son opened them and then I had to have one……..

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