Ode To Bessie

Oh Bessie, my Bessie
Although for us you may be gone
Your memory, it still lives on
All the good times that we had
The countless fun trips and the bad

For many miles upon miles
You brought to us a thousand smiles
Delivering us with tender care
From over here to over there

Oh Bessie, my Bessie
Some of them were family trips
“Are we there yet” from children’s lips
Until the travel DVD
Then quiet reigned for you and me

Adventures with a friend or four
Laughing, crying and then some more
Secrets told within your frame
Secrets kept, no naming names

Oh Bessie, my Bessie
We said goodbye this Friday past
Who knew that it would be our last
We hadn’t planned to buy the car
But buy we did, so there you are

You sat alone, we drove away
I hadn’t expected to feel that way
Though my sadness didn’t get too far
‘cause I really like my brand new car

Todd and I planned to look at cars after having our taxes done Friday morning. Our 2006 tax year was much different than normal years due to moving and the company’s relocation package so we had no idea what we were looking at. Would we owe this year for the first time ever or would be getting something, anything back.

We were very pleased to find out we were getting a nice little chunk back. So instead of looking at new cars, we just bought one. I got that 2007 Saturn Outlook with the sunroof. The only concession I had to make was the color. Instead of the Ocean Mist I really liked I ended up with a navy metallic blue. I could have ordered exactly what I wanted, but that takes up to two months and I don’t think Bessie had that much in her. We were lucky to get what we got for her trade in.

I’m anxious for a pretty day and an excuse for a road trip. Doesn’t look like it will be in the next day or two, though.

0 thoughts on “Ode To Bessie

  1. Tara – Katie came up with Sally and I think she may be right. The car sort of feels like a Sally. LOLI’m sure Ode to Bessie will go down as one of the literary great poems of this century.Aim – I’m ready for spring!!

  2. I can’t wait for your summer road trip – WEST! We’ll make room for Sally in the driveway. She can sit next to my poor old Jeep, and give David ‘vehicle envy’!

  3. Your Ode to Bessie made me cry….well, maybe “cry” is a bit strong, but I did get a lump in my throat. What’s that Jen-word you use for getting misty? I just can’t believe she’s gone….and then I just think of all the new adventures we get to embark on and make some new memories along the way! Can’t wait to take a road trip!! MTYEK, me

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