Not A Kid Anymore

Somewhere around 9:00 AM Central this morning, Taylor turned 18. Technically, according to the law, he’s now an adult. He can vote, he can join the military, he can go to an X-rated movie, he can buy cigars… all because he’s 18.

Well Law, I hate to break it to you, but he’s still my little boy. Always will be. Makes no never mind that he’s taller and stronger than I am.

So Happy Birthday, my handsome little man. I love you.

*Addendum – Taylor did, in fact, buy a cigar this evening and was not happy the clerk didn’t card him. He went out back to smoke it and I followed with my camera. We sat in the Adirondack chairs and he gave me a hit of the stogie. Yup. Me and my boy sharing a cigar. Strange…

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  1. You make it sound like it all goes by **snap** that fast! You're scaring me! 😉 Happy Birthday to Taylor!Now to go hyperventilate because Jericho just got 'bumped' to Varsity for tomorrow's track meet. He just barely lost his first tooth!

  2. 🙂 They grow up so fast. My "little man turned 46 on Wednesday. I still can't believe it. And he is handsome, indeed! Happy Birthday, Taylor.

  3. How did that happen??? I can't believe it. He seemed so little, just the other day. Happy Birthday Taylor! He has grown into a very handsome young man. He is very lucky to have you for a mom and you are very blessed to have such a special son. XXXXXXX

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