No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye!

Right now there are four blobs of coffee dough with little plastic dinosaurs hidden in the middle cooking slowly in my oven. On my counter is a gallon ziplock with brown homemade playdough that looks an awful lot like poo. Also on my counter is a glass jar filled with vinegar and two hardboiled eggs that are all soft and squishy. I have a can of orange juice thawing in the fridge so I can make up the juice and use the can for a prehistoric model complete with watering hole, little plastic dinosaurs, vegetation, rocks and a working volcano. I also have a cool little egg that, when placed in water for 12 to 24 hours, will hatch a dinosaur.

It’s a really good thing I’m only doing this for one week because I’m not getting anything else accomplished!!

See ya in a few!

0 thoughts on “No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye!

  1. Ohhhh, so this is for your temporary stint with the kids?For a minute there I was thinking, “Wow, she must REALLY like dinosaurs”, lol. Those kids are going to be totally entranced! YOU DA TEACHER WOMAN!

  2. I wanna be in your classroom, Miss Jenster! You do fun stuff!!I love those little eggs that hatch whatever. Kids are fascinated with them. Too bad they won’t be able to to an hourly check on its progress. My kids liked that.

  3. I remember making coffee/eggs for History Boy’s 4th b’day. We were in CO, and it was 90,000 degrees on July 13th–me with the oven on…But, it was fun. Happy anniversaries (above post)! Big and I were married 18 years ago yesterday. And 23 years ago yesterday, he gradiated from high skool. Hard to believe. ME? class of ’87 dude. So glad for your anniversaries, for without them, I wouldn’t know your fantastic self. Sending big hugs. xxxooogretchen

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