New Look

I’m thinking about going with a cleaner, crisper look for my blog. Thoughts? Comments? I’m still in the tweaking and adding stage, but what do you think so far? Please – only honest answers. About the blog. Not about what opinions you have of me personally.

Thank you.

0 thoughts on “New Look

  1. I lurrve the tree. And, I fully support the clean up. I tried to do that, too. Less clutter. I’m trying to decide if I will add blogrolls and other items in my sidebar, but for now, am leaving those off. Totally know where you’re coming from. Now, I must continue cleaning my house, so I can clutter…I mean decorate it.

  2. Well you’ve seen how “busy” my blog is, and I’m still waiting to get it updated. Simple and clean is a good thing – but what brings me here is the content, not the physical appearance. You rock Jen.

  3. Barb – I may change the “white” after Christmas. lol Then again, I may not. Who knows??Shauna – I know what you mean. But you can just come over and we’ll have a cozy cuppa joe. m’kay?

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