New Illustration

For any of this to make sense you have to read my prior post, License to Gorge. Because 1)I’m trying to get out of work I have to do and 2) I had a lot of fun playing on Paint Shop, I created another illustration. This one shows what the results would be if the plastic surgeon were to use both my tummy and my rear.

Not only does it defy gravity, it defies logic, no??

0 thoughts on “New Illustration

  1. Oh Jen, You have too much time on your hands! GO CAMPING! lolI would like to mention though, that I have multiple donations of fat available. It would be nice to have my boobs back where they belong, instead of where they’ve drooped to! lol

  2. LOL!! that’s pretty funny! Hey, Jenster it’s me Tami from the RT Board…you know, you should come and check out my All About Books board It’s lots of fun! And we are pretty new still so we could use your sense of humor over there! 🙂

  3. To all of you who offered extra transfer material (doesn’t that sound nice?) – thanks! But as you can see from my illustration, I think I’ve got enough.Tami – I’ve been to your blog, but I’ll have to check out the new message board. (That’s all I need. One more thing to look at every day. lol)Tara – I guess the one good thing out of all this is that I’ll always have fairly perky boobs. Everything else will be sagging around my ankles, but I’ll be perky topside. :o)Jen

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