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  1. Hi Jen! As a fellow northeasterner (born and raised in NJ, 15 mins from Philly), hello! (now I am in NC for grad school). I found your blog and love it! I am having an u/s on monday for a lump I found (I am almost 27, but my mom had an ER+ precancerous lump) and am really nervous, so I am looking at blogs……just wanted to give a shoutout! Keep it up!

  2. My Little Bit got their “Another Journal Entry” CD for her birthday, and I have kept it in my car’s CD player b/c it is SO GOOD! “Grey” is the first song on the CD. They have included some fabulous songs–not a bad one in the mix! Todd Agnew makes an appearance as well. These girls are AWESOME!

  3. Jaime – I’ll keep you in my prayers. Please let me know what you find out on Monday.Oh! And thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll be making my way over to yours directly.Lisa – Barlow Girl is an awesome Christian rock band.Beans – excellent band Couldn’t say it better myself!Katybug – I have that CD and I’ve been wearing it out. :o)

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