0 thoughts on “More Incriminating Evidence

  1. HAHAHA. You gotta love ’em. When my Chocolate lab was a puppy she dug through the wall, dry wall and everything. When we came home she claimed she didn’t do it. There was a ring of white dust around her nose and on her paws. Caught white pawed. 😉 Molliehttp://breakingmyfall.wordpress.comhttp://biblioharlot.wordpress.com

  2. Deena – since my kids are at school I can’t blame them. :o)Deb – The window is usually much cleaner now than it used to be because it actually gets washed! lolMollie – Through the dry wall!? OY!Cheffie-Mom – Thanks for the visit!!Aim – We haven’t had her weighed in a while, but we’re guessing about 40 pounds. We think this is about as big as she’s going to get. Then again, I think I said that when she was 30 pounds…Lainey-paney – Busted is right! Can’t pull one over on me!

  3. All that stuff was done by that invisible kid “I don’t know”. That kid visits everyone’s house sooner or later. He visited my house lots when kids were at home, not as much now. He travels with his twin, “I didn’t do it”. So quit blaming poor, innocent Sookie. “Don’t know” or “Didn’t do it” threw that dirt all over the poor thing, and it was quite traumatic.

  4. “Mom, I heard that a mud bath was the latest spa treatment. Great for the skin and coat. I just wanted to look perty for you! That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!”

  5. Bwahahaha!!! Love the “whaaat?” look in her face.We have the nose prints and the nail scratches (left over from the dog who lived in our house before us), but we decided to wait on replacing our slider until Dogzilla, ummm….. well, you know what I mean.

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