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  1. Verrrrry nice! Matches the sideboard very nicely, too. And that sideboard photo looks like something out of Better Homes and gardens.Boo-tee-full dahlink!

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful set! Up here we don’t have K-mart but we have Zellers and the furniture they sell, well, they should pay me to take it so I know what you mean ;)That said, the style is wonderful and the colour is rich!About 8 years ago Bob and I found a wrought (I know that’s not right) iron outdoor patio set at Walmart for 500 bucks. We had to get my parents to help us move the chairs because they were so heavy. To this day it is still a great set and people are always shocked when they go to move the chair and it won’t budge.So every once in a while we all get lucky!Sorry, I’m longwinded tonight ;)CindyS

  3. Barb – Thanks for the appropriate oos and ahs.Tori – Why am I not surprised? :o)Swishy – Get thyself to K-Mart! (I never thought I’d say that.)Becky – And that sideboard photo looks like something out of Better Homes and gardens Hahahahaha!!! Thank you. It was staged.April – Thanks!Rosie – So often I’ll be watching something because it’s “family time” and I’m thinking, my book is so much better than this.Cindy – It’s true. You never know what you might find!Stacy – Thank you! :o)

  4. Monnik – Why, thank you.Daisy – I love simple. I love less than simple, too, but I can’t pull it off. Makes me feel like a faker. lolDev – Thanks. I love the sideboard, too. It’s not used for dishes, though. I have all my files in there and we each have our own junk drawer. My attempt at organization.Terri – Why, I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. (I just threw everything onto the coffee table – out of view of the lense. Don’t tell anyone, though.) Hey! You and David can come see it for yourselves!Lynilu – Thank you.

  5. ILOVE IT!! That is my style in furniture. The sideboard is perfect. Both, look like they fit the room perfectly. Hope you are in love with them. You worked hard to find them, but you did good!XOXO

  6. Todd – I’m sorry I didn’t give you the proper respect. You did a fantastic job of putting the furniture together – especially the sideboard. Maybe I’ll post the pictures I took of all the pieces scattered over the breakfast area so everyone can see what you had to work with.And you are so silly!!!!!

  7. Cute! K-mart for kitchen tables? Hmm… Shopping Time. PS. I like your floor too, what kind of tile is that? The people who owned our house before us were weird. They thought it would be a good idea to put a big rectangle of inlaid carpet in our dining room fake wood floor.

  8. Great Choice Jen!I Love Mission style!!I am picturing you sitting there in the AM with a latte and and a book just relaxing.Oh and not to forget the sideboardExcellent!.Use them well !! 🙂

  9. Tanya – It’s just a linoleum. The big squares are plain ivory, but the darker rectangles have wheat imprints. It was here when we bought the house, but I do like it.Trish – It does!Cheryl – Thanks!Jan – I LOVE your imagination!Em – I’m sure they’re pleased to meet you.

  10. I agree with Cindys….Jen does have a nice set!!ROTFLOLOLOL!!!! *She stops to catch her breath and wipe the tears* Bwahahahahahahaha!! *Gasp* That was so wonderfully unexpected! Best laugh I’ve had all day! And good job on the furniture assembly, Todd. Table has four legs and a flat top, all the chair legs look straight and sturdy. Any extra pieces left when you were done??Jen, GORGEOUS table set! Wanna decorate my house?

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