Light and Shadow

I’ve been playing a little bit with my camera, trying to get a feel for how to use light and shadow. Here’s my favorite “Hope” picture:

The trees across from the bus stop. I could kick myself because a week ago at the same time of the morning the colors were so vibrant! Hot pink, magenta, neon orange – and me without my camera.

These next few aren’t particularly pretty or anything, but I like the shadows.

This is my favorite of the “shadow” pictures. It’s Sookie’s bushy tail.

0 thoughts on “Light and Shadow

  1. Love the trees. LOL on Sookie’s tail.I hate when I do that (leaving the camera at home)! Okay, so I guess it’s a sign you were MEANT to do the walk…you’ve already surpassed your goal!

  2. Actually, I like the subtlety of the colors in the tree pic. We all lurve a sunrise, sure, but this is more delicate.and the sookster…what a cutie. Annie’s tail is quite similar, and she has ‘bear paw’ boots on her back legs and grinchy feet. I can’t bring myself to shave them, but it sure would save the floors if i would.

  3. Taking pictures is so not my forte. You take some amazing ones. I just lack that special eye to see the picture especially ones like you’ve shown us here. I’m very impressed.

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