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  1. What a cool upbringing you had, Jenster! It was good to be you back in the day. 🙂 I suspect it’s good to be you, now, too. A different life, to be sure, but a full one. Thanks for the snapshot into your past. I have similar feelings for CO. I grew up there from age 9 on. I’ve been in WA for 7 years, and even though it’s the most beautiful state on the planet, it’s not home. For the longest time, I was shocked not to wake up to sunny days here–in CO we had about 300/year. Now, I’m shocked and pleased when we have sun. 🙂

  2. Memories. So nice to have memories like those. I have friends who would just as soon forget their teen years, and I find that sad. I wasn’t happy every day, but those years were generally good and thinking of them takes me back to a simpler time with a smile. You obviously have that, also. Aren’t we lucky?Where I live now isn’t the same place I grew up, but just a short drive away, and what Gretchen says is so true. I hated the weather in the Midwest, the last of sunshine, so being back in NM is heaven for me.

  3. Awwww. That made ME want to go to Redondo Beach! And almost made me want to relive my teen years so that I could know the best place to find peace during the angst. I grew up in California too, and Oceanside was always my favorite beach to visit in my teens and early 20’s – maybe because of all the marines, lol. I moved away after marrying my handsome airman and am currently ‘enjoying’ the swamp. Yes. Pity me.

  4. Anytime you want to come out to California, Jen, know you’d have a place to stay :)And I’m with you on the writing. I have so many original ideas in the car, during conference calls, while checking Katie’s algebra. Then I sit down to write and…poof!…the only topics that spring to mind are my hair and my booty. (You all should be grateful I don’t have a hairy booty.)xoxoJill

  5. I’m so jealous! What I wouldn’t give to have grown up near a beach like that.Instead, I got snow, snow, more snow, some ice, and freezing cold.Oh well. “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” At least, that’s what my kiddos say.

  6. This is my life now… haha Except for it’s the Huntingon/Newport/Laguna beach for me. Of course, who has time to get down to the beach with work and responsibilities… I wish I was a teenager again, no need for a job, no obligations. =(

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