It’s Friday!!

It’s a rainy Friday at that. You know what would make it perfect? If I could just get comfy in the big green chair with a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, one of their coffee cakes, and the book I’m reading (Eragon). Actually, it would be even better if I was reading something from my own TBR pile and not something off my son’s bookshelf. Don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying Eragon. It just hasn’t sucked me in to where I can’t put it down. I don’t have to say, “Wait until I get to a good stopping point” (which is always several more chapters away).

This is a very good thing for the simple reason that my parents are coming in from out of town this evening. I promised my mother they’d have a clean bathroom and clean sheets. Since this will be the first time they’ve ever been here I’d really like the house to look nice. And it would have, too. If I hadn’t started painting the living room the other day. *smacking forehead* Why do I do this to myself??

So here are my plans for the day:

* Clean sheets/blankets (already in the wash)
* Clean bathrooms (blech)
* Second coat of paint in the living room (meh)
* Load dishwasher (not so bad)
* Sweep/mop kitchen floor (*pout*)
* Vacuum stairs (waaaaaaaa)
* Pay bills (Snapple! I forgot about this one!)
* Spend as little time on the computer as physically possible (YIKES!)

The one shining light in all this is that I had to run to Target to get another roller pan liner. You know what that means… And if you don’t, read ++this++.

I may not have the luxury of curling up to a good book this nice, rainy morning. But since I had to go to Target anyway, I am enjoying my delicious White Chocolate Mocha and their yummy coffee cake.

So how was this for mundane ramblings??

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  1. My “Big Green Chair” dang it!!!My “Big Green Chair” dang it!!!My “Big Green Chair” dang it!!!My “Big Green Chair” dang it!!!My “Big Green Chair” dang it!!!Todd (aka – Angry DH)

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