It’s Almost Here!!

Movies are so expensive that we never just go on a whim anymore. But we plan entire days around some movies. Like this one…

Saturday we’re going out to lunch and then to see the new National Treasure movie. I’ve been waiting for this to be released ever since I heard about it. And because we hardly ever go to the cinema we will enjoy the complete movie experience which includes a soda and candy. Seeing a movie in a theater isn’t a perfect experience unless Goobers are involved.

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  1. Popcorn with extra butter and salt and butter and salt in the middle, and peanut M&Ms. Wash it down with a diet Pepsi. That’s gourmet theatre food. 🙂 And that movie does look good. Have a FANTABULOUS time!

  2. I’m the same way about going to the movies. The expense and the trouble just don’t seem worth it. Especially now that the movies come out of DVD so soon. I prefer to stay home in my jammies where I can stop it to go to the bathroom or back it up to see something I missed or put on the captioning if I want. Oh, yeah, and I can even have a beer if I chose!! Yesssssssss!:D

  3. Hubby and I were just discussing who could watch the kids so that we can go and see this! Cannot wait to see it – the first one was a really good movie.I love to go to the movies but do not get to do it too often anymore.

  4. We also rarely see a movie at the theater unless it’s at our cheapo second run theater, but we too want to see that movie! Let us know if its clean enough for our kids… they are begging to see it too!

  5. I found a gift certificate for the movies so I will see if I can get Bob out to one. He prefers comedies while I will only really pay to see wicked special effects. Like you say, a lot of money for a night out but then Bob and I are afternoon people. We should go before the Christmas rush. Hmmm, Friday afternoon looks good!Hope you have a great time!CindyS

  6. Shauna – I used to do the peanut M&M thing, but that’s so ordinary. I can have peanut M&Ms any time. I usually only have Goobers for a movie. LOLLynilu – I can even have a beer if I chose!! – there is that. :o)Seaspray – Thanks and thanks!Jen – I know. Before kids Todd and I went to the movies all the time. After the kids it was all G movies. Now they’re old enough to go see fun movies. At least some fun movies. lolMama P – Yeah. We’ve got us a fun week planned. I have a surprise for the whole family the following Friday, but I can’t say what it is here in case they read it. :o)His Girl – I’ll let you know how it is. I hope it’s as good as the first one.Swishy – That does look cute!Cindy – We’ll probably see a matinee as well. The difference in price is my box of Goobers!

  7. Movie popcorn with extra butter, a package of Twizzlers…and Pepsi of course.That new National Treasure looks like an Indiana Jones movie…tell us how you like it, I want to know if it is worth all the $$ or if I should wait til it comes out on dvd.

  8. I can’t wait to see that movie. We have a big screen and 5.1 surround sound, so our living room is like a mini theater, which means we rarely go see one in the real theater.We were going to see it Friday, but a friend is having a moving away party, so I guess we will have to wait. 🙁

  9. I never saw the first National Treasure movie, but I love Nicolas Cage and my kids keep telling me how awesome the first movie was.I think I’ll rent it and watch it and then maybe take them to the new one over Christmas break.Have fun on Saturday!!!!

  10. My all time favorite craving when watching a movie is Goobers and Kettle Corn mixed! You must try this, it’s so good.I can’t wait to see this movie. I loved the first one and just found out they were coming out with a second.

  11. We are SO going to go to that. We’ve seen NT so many times that we should own a copy. History Boy loves all the artifacts, and I don’t know/care what Drama and Big like. Me likey some Nicholas Cage. Mmmhmm. Maybe we’ll go on Christmas day, since our company isn’t arriving till the 27th. I can’t go there with the Goobers, but I do love a diet Coke and some Junior mints. I usta love Milk Duds, but I realize that they are not crown friendly, and I can’t afford to have dental work what with it being Christmas and all. 🙂

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