I Love You NED!!!

NED is No Evidence of Disease. He was mentioned in the report from yesterday’s bone scan. I do still have arthritis between my sternum and left clavicle, but I don’t have any pain from it.

Thanks again for all your prayers. God’s peace is unfathomable and I’m so happy to know it. I feel such relief to know for certain that at this moment everything is good. At the same time, however, I also know He would have taken care of me regardless. I’m just glad I don’t have to go down that path right now.

0 thoughts on “I Love You NED!!!

  1. Oh yeah! NED ROCKS! I know what you mean about knowing that God will take care of you but not wanting to go down that road. It’s a sweet, sweet moment. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, I bet you would bed NED and wed NED if you weren’t already taken by such an amazing guy. Wahooo!!!!! I’m so thrilled for you. So thrilled. I know your faith would carry you no matter what the circumstance, but I also know that this is obviously your (and our) heart’s desire. i’ll say it again…Wahoo!!!!!!!! xxxooogretchen

  3. Okay, so Sherry’s on a whole different page — I put my post about being happy that you and NED are still together on yesterday’s post!!! But know this — you and NED are dynamite together and I want you to keep on dancin’!!

  4. Thank God and thank you NED (although I know they are related). You have been on my mind all week. I am so happy for you and relieved. I know in the back of your mind, what a stressful time this must have been for you. Now relax, enjoy your beautiful family and get a really big starbucks!XOXOXOXO

  5. Hi Jen, I’m so glad NED is hanging around. He’s a great one, that NED! Really knows how to make a girl smile.SO happy for you to hear officially that you are clear! YAY!!!! Katie

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