Help Me With My Format

I usually post from my laptop and I like the way my new margins look on it. But when I’m on the actual desktop they’re too wide. So I need you guys to help me. Which works better for you all? Narrow margins or wider margins.


0 thoughts on “Help Me With My Format

  1. I like the narrow margin and wide posting space best. I just find that the bulk of the blog should be easy to read, wide and in the middle. The stuff in the margins is just sort of…on the side.

  2. Hi Jen- Quick note to say1. Wine tasting sounds fun2. YAAY for no surgery3. Boo to Valtrex4. LOL re: clean or dirty dishes5. LOL again for gumdrop nipples6. Keep up the good work w/ WW!

  3. I have no clue, I just have what I have! LMAO I open you on my laptop also, not sure if I ever have done so on the mans computer (you know the “real” one. LOL). I think I have wide margins here and I like it but it is your blog and whatever you like… well that is what is important! 😉

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