1. Happy Bloggiversary!!!! I know my personal well wishes are worth far more than money could ever give you, so I won't bother with the check this time.My life has totally been changed for the better by "knowing" you, and then knowing you for real. xxxooo

  2. I've got some pockets with lint and a piece of cellophane that used to be wrapped around a Starbucks mocha truffle. Where should I send it? Happy blogiversary. So glad you are out here.

  3. Thank you, thank you…CPQ – You'd better not ever quit!!!Gretchen – Right back atcha, babe!Rosie – I wouldn't wish to deprive you of such an item so you can just keep it. :o)His Girl – I'll take the bracelet. I can't open the picture! Can you try to send it to me again??Lynilu – Thank you for the lovely gifts! lol

  4. His Girl – Will you be the Pinky to my Leather?? LOL I loved the jacket!I tried copying and pasting last night but it didn't work. I'm sure it had nothing to do with user error…

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