My sister’s birthday is today. Correct me if I’m wrong, Terri, but by your math are you 37? I never fully grasped your aging method, but I know I like it.

Anyway, she and her husband live in Fort Worth as does her oldest son (Ben) and his family. Her two younger sons (Jarred and Joseph) live in San Diego. Ben showed up for lunch today with Jarred and Joseph in tow. Their dad, David, is a truck driver and was getting ready to make his run when they called him to let him know the two boys were in town. So he cancelled his run. The boys are there until Sunday.

How’s that for the best birthday present ever??

0 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERRI!!

  1. Thank you Jenni… It is the best birthday ever – even if I did have to pay for lunch! I’ve lost track of the “aging formula”, so I just go by my real age now. Besides, I’m counting down for the Senior deal at IHOP! But, the formula went: at age 30, start counting back 5 years; then up 10 years; then back 5 years, etc. until no one (you included) can remember your correct age.

  2. Our oldest daughter just got married on my sister’s birthday. Which my sister made mention of many times before the big event. “Blah blah blah The Wedding on MY BIRTHDAY!” So we made sure she got presents and her own personal carrot cake and birthday song at the reception. It’s the biggest party she’s ever had, even if she didn’t know a bunch of the guests… %<:oD

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