Happy Anniversary, Anniversary, Anniversary

I really shouldn’t be here. I have to figure out what activity we’re going to do tomorrow at Dino Camp. I’ve got Thursday and Friday covered, but not tomorrow. Not to worry, though. I’ll think of something!!

The beginning of June is just one anniversary after another and I couldn’t let it slide by without notice. Two out of the three are worth celebrating and depending on your perspective, maybe the third is, too.

June 2: I had my first chemo treatment three years ago yesterday. I’ll just look at that as a positive because, well, here I am.

June 3: We moved to Pennsylvania – into this house – as a family after a year of seeing Todd every other weekend or so two years ago today. I love the neighborhood, the house, the area, etc., but the best part is actually living together!

June 4: Todd and I will have been married 20 years tomorrow. How is that possible?? As of this moment we have no plans of celebrating. At least not yet. Most likely we’ll just postpone the festivities (i.e., nice dinner out) until we’re in Hawaii.

Okay. Now that that’s out of the way I can concentrate on figuring out what to do tomorrow at camp.


0 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Anniversary, Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversaries Jen!! To you and Todd, to your move to Pa. and most especially to life — to chemo (all the good and the bad of it) to you still be here and the 2 of us counting — 3 years and beyond ♥!!!!

  2. hooray to all the victories in your life… to God be the glory, and many many more anniversaries to you!ps- your books shall go out in the mail tomorrow!

  3. Hey Jen, Happy Happy Aniversary! Congrats on all those wonderful milestones! When are you going to Hawaii? I’ve been out of the loop for a long time, guess I missed it!Take care,Katie

  4. Those are some great anniversaries, Jenster, because as you said, you are still here to remember them! The HOFFER and I celebrate 17 years together on the 15th, but it will likely be a pretty quiet celebration. I’m just too round. 🙂

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